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  • What is the minimum age for the Witality Breathwork Experience?
    The minimum recommended age for our in person sessions is 14! Very occasionally we will have a participant that is younger than this attend, stay until the end of the session and receive tremendous benefit from the experience, but we do ask that you reach out to us and inquire if you want to bring a youth with you, that is under the age of 14. We also recommend doing Daily Practices with the kids under 14.
  • I've lost my hearing, is there an interpreter available?
    We are sorry but we don't recommend attending Witality Breathwork Experience if you are unable to hear.
  • Is every session recorded?​
    We do have a photographer and videographer present at majority of the events. We always ask permision to record before the session begins. If you don't want to be recorded simply raise your hand when Witalij mentions it and our team will tag your spot with a post-it note so that we don't record you.​
  • What do I need to bring to the event?
    Needed items to make the most out of your session and experience; Yoga Mat, Pillow, Small Blanket, & an EyeMask or other eye covering. ​ Optional items to bring for comfort: a Water bottle & Chapstick
  • Do you offer or administer plant medicines at your events?
    No. We do not offer, administer, or give any plant medicines to the participants at our events. It is solely you and your breathing, following Witalij’s expertly developed guidance and music.
  • I've missed a previous event, can I transfer my ticket to the next one?
    Yes, please email our support team at & they will be happy to assist you!
  • I’ve never done Breath-work before, will I be able to do this?
    Yes! Witalij has specifically designed his Breathwork sessions to be applicable to everyone, at any stage of experience. ​ We have a large percentage of participants at every event that have never heard of Breathwork and have no idea what it is and leave feeling tremendously grateful and satisfied.
  • Where do I sign up?
    You can find all event dates and reserve your spot by buying a ticket on our events page;
  • What is the recommended attire for the event?
    Please dress comfortably! Yoga attire, loose fitting fitness attire, whatever you feel most comfortable in! You will be lying down and breathing rhythmically for an extended period of time.
  • I only speak Spanish, can I still attend the event?
    Absolutely, the language Witalij uses is very simple.
  • Can I eat before coming? Or should I be hungry/ have an empty stomach to do the work?
    Great question! While we do not recommend anyone come to the event starving or overly hungry, you also don’t want to be stuffed and have a totally full stomach. The best approach for most people is to eat something moderate and light At-least 40 min or so before the event. Keep in mind you will be present and engaged in the practice for up to 3 hours. You know your body best and we trust you to be the best judge on this!
  • My payment isn’t working, can I bring cash to the venue?
    If you are unable to complete a transaction due to a credit card issue, please email our support team at & They will be happy to assist you!
  • Is this practice demonic and against Jesus Christ?
    This practice helps people uncover their suppressed and unprocessed material from the subconscious mind. Even though for the people who never heard of this practice before, it might look like exorcism, we assure participants that it has nothing to do with demons (it's your own physiology and psyche) and it is actually very aligned with the teachings of Jesus Christ.
  • Do you offer Breathwork certifications?
    Although this is something that Witalij may explore and make possible in the future, as of right now we do not offer any formal Witality Breathwork certifications.
  • Do you do private or 1 on 1 sessions?
    Witalij is focused solely on larger group events and is not offering any private or 1 on 1 sessions for the time being. This will continue to be the case, until and unless otherwise stated and posted.
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